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Parental Controls Guide 2011

Web Filtering Your Home: OpenDNS

You don’t have to set up web content filtering on each computer in the house; you can use a free service, such as OpenDNS, to enable filtering at the wireless router. Thus all computers, gaming consoles or handhelds, mobile phones with Wi-Fi, iPads and tablets, everything that connects to the Internet (sans 3G/4G connectivity) is covered.

First, decide which service option you want to go with:

OpenDNS FamilyShield: This is the quickest and simpler option and takes 10 minutes or less to change a setting on the router - you don’t even have to create an account. It automatically blocks adult sites, proxy and anonymizer sites to prevent bypassing the filter, phishing sites to protect you from online scams, and some virus-spreading sites.

OpenDNS Basic: In addition to setting up the router, you create a free account, download a small program on one of the PCs, and then customize the filtering settings—all of which can take 30 minutes. This also gives you more features: 50+ filter categories to choose from, allow or block specific websites, customizable block pages, and usage reporting.

Setting up the OpenDNS service is fairly easy, especially since they offer efective step-by-step guides. For either option, choose to set it up on your Router when prompted if you want to protect all computers and devices. Setting up on your Computer only provides protection for that single computer, which is useful if you only want to protect select computers or devices.