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Pac-man Developer Planning Entertainment Restaurant

When you hear Namco, you probably think Pac-Man. Still, arcades are no where near as popular as they used to be. These days, Namco (now a subsidiary of Bandai) is working on a number of new business models, including the possibility of opening a gaming restaurant.

According to Polygon, Namco is in the process of opening an upscale entertainment restaurant in the U.S. Polygon cites its own sources for the information but received further confirmation from Namco itself regarding the matter.

"It's no secret that we've been exploring a number of new business models and noodling the future of Out-of-Home entertainment for several years now, and our current planning does include an ‘upscale' restaurant with ‘entertainment elements,'" Polygon quotes David Bishop, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Namco Entertainment, as saying. "And yes, we've been working with an established American restaurateur, as well as some other really talented external professionals, to develop the concept!"

Though details on the project are still fairly scarce at this point, the company is said to be looking at Chicago for the location for this prototype restaurant, which apparently carried the codename 'Level 256' at one point. Namco told Polygon that the project is still in the very early planning stages but that they hope to announce something soon.

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  • MKBL
    Video game version Chuck E Cheese. It may work. Not a bad idea, at least worth exploring.
  • mrmaia
    Their main course will be a plate full of white dots.
  • noblerabbit
    when you enter the men's bathroom, you will exit from the women's
  • quilciri
    Chicago Emporium. Bar & retro arcade. It's money.
  • Actually, I think of "Soul Calibur" when I hear Namco, but whatever. As for the upscale arcade/restaurant idea, Dave and Busters has been filling that niche for a while. Unfortunately the food is overpriced, and the arcade consists mostly of expensive racing games.
  • I remember going to pizza joints as a kid. I would always spend more time at the arcade then eating pizza. I could see them pulling off a mini-arcade at other types of restaurants. Upscale restaurants though? Nah. Gaming in a restaurant is too low-brow of entertainment for those who are looking for fine dining.