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iPhone App Sends PMSing Ladies Dessert Coupons

Betty Crocker already has an iPhone app and, as someone who likes to bake on occasion, I can see how it could be pretty useful for iPhone-owning betties. Still, it's easy to see why many people think the company's latest app is, well, a crock.

Called PMS SOS, the app is designed to let women and their partners know when the red-rage is going to hit.

"When PMS looms, girls will get a coupon for a chocolaty Warm Delights dessert - and an alert that "that time of the month" is upon them," reads the app's description. "So they know that their guy's breathing didn't actually get louder - it just seems that way."

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Right. So, if you're not totally won over by that, how about you let Jersey Shore's Sammi Sweetheart take a shot at convincing you?

"Speaking from experience, I know a warm, chocolaty treat like Warm Delights takes the edge off and the PMS SOS app helps me laugh at my ups and downs," Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola said in a press release.

The app isn't just good for brownie coupons though. Oh, no. Depending on your gender (and the kind of PMS SOS you require), PMS SOS will also provide you with tips for giving great massages, escaping and not putting your foot in it. This gem might be my favorite:

"'Wow, those sweatpants look even better than yesterday's sweatpants!' is a great way to greet her on "those days."'

If you're of the female persuasion, you get an apology crafter, tips on avoiding drama, and a symptom solver so you can, "learn what's going on with you and why none of it is your fault."

No advice on how you can get over the embarrassment of waving a PMS SOS coupon at the cashier so you can get your discount Warm Delights, however. Though, General Mill's DyShaun Muhammed reminds us that a sense of humor is important when you're PMSing.

"There’s nothing pleasant about that time of the month, for anyone, but we think Warm Delights can provide a little comfort. A warm chocolaty dessert and a good sense of humor is our recipe for survival," said Muhammad, Marketing Manager at General Mills' Baking Products Division.

Source: Business Wire, Jezebel