PC-Based Home Security: Do It Yourself

Deadbolt Installation

A lot of consumers love the idea of adding security to their home, but they hate screwdriver or handyman work. That’s why I want to detail this process for you, to illustrate that this isn’t rocket science. You’re not adding on a new wing or remodeling the kitchen, merely changing a lock. The deadbolt installation process would have taken less than an hour if we hadn’t had to replace the lock. But that’s not Schlage’s fault. Here, watch…

First, I had to remove the old lock hardware. Unfortunately, my old deadbolt was a unified design, where the deadbolt and inside handle latch were one piece. The Schlage deadbolt is a stand-alone unit separate from the latch, so I had to go out and buy a new latch. That slowed things down a bit. And you see how some of the paint came off from around the edge of the old lock panel? Yes, that’s still visible with the Schlage installed. My wife is not impressed. You may want to have some touch-up paint standing by.

With the old lock out, it’s time to start installing gear. First in is the bolt and mounting plate.

Next comes the lock itself.

And here’s a side view with the inside plate attached. The keypad slides into place on the outside, then you screw it into the door from the inside.

From here, the lock assembly pretty much boils down to installing batteries and putting the cover on. Schlage notes that batteries can last up to three years

One thing I didn’t show here was the installation of the door plate and the six-inch screws that go with it. Trust me, you want a very powerful cordless drill for this. If anyone is going to break down the door, they’ll have to take out the structural 2x4s, not just the door frame.