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Watchdog: High Tech Exam Cheating On the Rise

UK exams watchdog, Ofqual, says cheating is on the rise in British schools and reports a 6 percent increase on the number of penalties handed out during state exams. Ofqual says that cell phones are the most common way pupils cheat and the advent of web-connected devices means smartphones present even more of an issue for invigilators. However, as of late, kids are using more innovative methods to pass their exams.

The BBC cites Ofqual as saying pupils are being targeted by websites openly selling "exam cheat equipment", including concealed ear-pieces to receive information. Also in use are wireless earpieces connected to concealed MP3 players.

Still, as Newton's Law clearly states, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; the result of all this high tech cheating is that IT companies are targeting schools and offering them detection equipment that promises to identify texting, e-mails or pupils using mobiles to search the internet.

What do you think can done to stop pupils cheating? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • megamanx00
    Here's a thought, how about teaching them? If the students individual needs are addressed they will be less motivated to cheat in order to pass. Technique should be addressed before simply throwing money at the problem. It doesn't matter the detection equipment, if there is a will there is a way.
  • djackson_dba
    That might work for some, but others will cheat even if all their "needs" are addressed.
  • kittle
    there will always be people looking for a free ride and cheating on exams.
    but in the end they are only hurting themselves.
  • "What do you think can done to stop pupils cheating?"

    Cheating is the result of the compulsory academic environment, which is not ideal for all, and perhaps not ideal for most.

    Don't punish cheating, instead create opportunities for alternative forms of education.

    Example: Unschooling (

  • maestintaolius
    kittlethere will always be people looking for a free ride and cheating on exams.but in the end they are only hurting themselves.
    Or potentially others if they're studying to become engineers.

    Granted, back in my day we were only allowed 1-line calculators to our exams.
  • Shadow703793
    If one really wanted to cheat on an Calculus,Algebra,etc where calculators are permited it's quite a trivial matter to put notes/formulas on a TI83/84 calculators. Even though teachers clear the "RAM" they DON'T clear the "Archives"! Those that have a TI 83,etc know what I'm talking about.
  • vikatin
    WTF? smartphones for cheating?! Its easy to spot out a kid looking at a cell phone during class, all it takes it actually looking at the faces of your students!! I highly doubt kids would use wireless devices to cheat on an exam, that is just too much trouble.
    Back in high school, we used to use hide notes behind our calculator covers. In college (specifically the one I went to; Purdue university), they did even not allow graphing calculators during exams. Only the basic scientific calculator were allowed if you were even allowed to bring one. This included my calculus class!!
    So instead of saying " the education system is in fault! omg the system sucks our tax money is not getting put into good use QQ" take proactive steps to ensure cheating will not happen. I have seen kids humiliated during exams taken place in auditoriums with 500 other people for being caught cheating by simply the professor grabbing their exam and ripping it and telling them to leave.
  • JohnnyLucky
    Just a new form of cheat sheets?
  • Hupiscratch
    Beat the crap out of then every time they are caught cheating. That will make then stop.
  • tamick88
    Well I have to admit I did cheat in one class in high school. The teacher was asking for it though. Leaving copies of the finished homework for the entire semester unprotected on the school's shared drive, what was he thinking? lol