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Meet the $37,000 Magic Mushroom 32GB USB Flash Drive

Sure there may have been a time when 32GB flash drives were new and expensive, but none of them were as expensive as this magical little mushroom. Nowadays you can get your hands on a 32GB flash drive for $20 or so (if you really look). But if you happen to have so much money that a $20 flash drive just doesn't feel right, buy this $37,000 Magic Mushroom USB stick.

Created with an unbelievably expensive blend of white gold, yellow gold, pink diamonds, white diamonds and various other gems, this could be the most expensive USB flash drive in the world. Sure for $37,000 you can buy yourself a nice and shiny brand new car, but where's the fun in that.

If the $37,000 Magic Mushroom is too expensive for you, don't worry you can buy the "cheaper" version made with less expensive diamonds for $16,500. Who would make such an insanely expensive flash drive you ask? That would be Shawish, the same company that created the $68 million world's first diamond ring.