Loewe Invisio: See-Thru TV, Just like CSI Miami

CSI Miami's labs are nearly covered wall-to-wall in transparent digital displays. We certainly don't have anything like that commercially, so it's either Florida precincts have excessively large budgets, or the show itself is set well into the future. But hey, why should Caruso and company have all the future-y see-through fun? If Michael Friebe has his way, you will too, and hopefully not that far into the future.

This is the Loewe Invisio. Just like any modern TV, it's slim, sleek, and minimalist. Unlike other modern TV's, it's essentially a clear glass pane when it's turned off. Granted, Friebe's concept relies on TOLEDs, which as of the moment are still being developed by the UDC. So yes, it's still future tech, but at least, not so far off. Might as well take out those shades, practice those snarky one-liners, and crank out The Who. YEAAAAH!

[via Planet Luxus]

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