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Bike Transforms Into Its Own Locking System

Designed by Jaryn Miller, the Senza locking system provides an innovative approach to combating the increasingly crafty and devious bike thieves of the world. Nowadays even the most expensive and 'safe' bicycle lock systems can be bypassed, leaving your valuable ride vulnerable for the snatching.

By incorporating the locking system into the bike itself, the Senza system makes the bike completely secure so that bike owners can leave their vehicles behind with some peace of mind. The Senza features handlebars that separate into three pieces that work together to secure the bicycle. The central piece stays attached to the bike while simultaneously making the bike easier to store while the other two pieces lock together to produce a much more versatile alternative to the traditional U-Lock.

In addition to the handlebar locking system, the Senza features a lock on the rear of the bike that secures the back tire and seat together. If a thief decides to cut the lock off, the bicycle is rendered useless unless the thief happens to be a trained professional in the art of balancing and riding bicycles with no handlebars.