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Konami Slashes Prices of App Store Games

It's no wonder that Sony and Nintendo are feeling the heat from that newcomer, Apple. Why? Because the device that was once considered just a smartphone--along with its sidekick, touchable media player--is now eating up a chunk of gaming revenue. With easy access and cheap prices, Apple and the App Store has a commanding lead over the other portable gaming units, especially in an economy where gamers are severely pinching pennies.

Feeling the pressure, both Sony and Nintendo have recently altered their products and services to match the iPhone and iPod Touch's capabilities, even mimicking the way consumers purchase and download portable games on the fly. Both Sony and Nintendo provide "bite sized" games for their portable consoles, however there's a long road ahead for both.

Needless to say, it's easy to speculate that Apple--along with its online store and pocket-sized hardware--has changed portable gaming as we know it. Today Konami proves this point to some degree by lowering the prices of all titles listed on the App Store to a meager $0.99 each. That's not crazy talk, that's just fact as seen on iTunes at this very moment: Power Pros Touch, Krazy Kart Racing, Silent Scope, Metal Gear Solid Touch, Dance Dance Revolution, Frogger and Silent Hill all cost just under a buck each.

So why are they so cheap? We have no clue, and we also don't know when this virtual sale will come to an end. But given many of these originally ranged between $3 to $6, this isn't a bad deal whatsoever. Can you get these for the Sony PSPgo and PSP? Not yet. In fact, the cheapest "mini" you'll find is Mahjongg Artifacts: chapter 2 for $3.99.Currently Sony only offers 12 "minis," making the iPhone and iPod Touch a bit more appealing despite the higher pricetags.