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Next Kindle Fire Will Have Improved Display

Seems like we already knew this from prior reports, but AllThingsD has learned that Amazon is changing the aspect ratio of its next Kindle Fire (HD) from 1.71 (tall and narrow in its standard Portrait mode) to 1.60. The online retailer is also supposedly telling Android app developers to design around a 1280 x 800 resolution. Thus, the display will not only be sharper, but offer a new width-to-height ratio.

Unnamed sources also said that the new tablet will be thinner and lighter than original, backing up prior claims that the chassis will ditch the hard plastic design for one based on metal. The sources also said it will have a built-in camera -- again, no surprise there.

As for the actual launch, these sources claim Amazon is shooting for a 3Q12 release. At this point, it's all mere speculation, as prior reports have indicated that Amazon may actually launch the new tablet by the end of the month to tackle Google's Nexus 7. Amazon will supposedly schedule an official showing of its plans on July 31, and the general consensus seems to believe that a late 3Q12 release is the likely scenario.

That said, Amazon may have quite a showing later this month. In addition to the Kindle Fire HD, the company will also supposedly introduce a revamped 1st-generation Kindle Fire with a lower price tag, and possibly a 10-inch version of the Kindle Fire HD slated for a 4Q12 release. There has also been talk about the non-tablet Kindle devices having a front-lit color screen, ditching the monochrome graphics.

The original will still rely on E Ink technology claims unnamed sources, but the integrated front-lit lighting will eliminate the need for an external 3rd-party peripheral.

In addition to the revamped models, Amazon may even introduce an ad-based Special Offers version that will be drastically reduced in price for those who won't have the $149 up front. As seen with other Kindle units, these may display full-screen ads -- aka sponsored screensavers -- when users power the device down into "sleep" mode.

The latest news surrounding the Kindle Fire HD (2) stems from developers who claim that the company has brought them up to speed with the new hardware. DisplayMate President Raymond Soneira said that the display's increase in resolution is a definite improvement even though it doesn't sound like a huge graphics leap (the original is 1024 x 600).

"That’s a 67-percent increase in total pixels, and it is visually significant," he said. "It gives the display a PPI (pixels per inch) of 216."

Will Amazon have the hardware to tackle Apple's rumored 7-inch iPad Mini tablet that's expected to launch in 3Q12? We already know what Google had under its sleeve...

  • motheninja
    meh.... not even 1080p..... COME ON Already!
  • tbq
    I hope it has the ability to dim the display darker than the current Fire. If I'm reading on my Fire in the dark the display is too bright even with with the brightness turned all the way down.
  • nukemaster
    motheninjameh.... not even 1080p..... COME ON Already!No, but it is the same screen resolution of laptops with a 15.4 inch screen just 5-7 years go.

    Important to know that this extra screen resolution in hand held devices just requires more power to scale the images and run apps at that size. I AM all for more resolution on larger screens. on a 7 inch screen, this is plenty.

    This is like the new megapixel wars(like cameras when you have a 9MP camera look far worse then a quality 2-5MP and they all still have smaller sensors then real 35mm film had.)but this time, its for screens.
  • A Bad Day
    motheninjameh.... not even 1080p..... COME ON Already!
    I think I'll take an acceptable resolution and high battery life than high resolution and sub-par battery life.
  • beardguy
    Nice. The current Fire screen already kicks ass, so im sure this will look great. Between pulse/wikipedia/email/web/and emulators i love my kindle fire ... such a sweet device for the price. Amazon def hit the sweet spot for price/specs. Be curious how googles nexus turns out.
  • livebriand
    If the ad-supported version displays ads when it's turned off, won't battery life suffer tremendously? After all, this isn't an e-ink screen. On my phone, I commonly see the screen consuming 70% of the battery, even when I don't have the screen turned on. (today, for instance - looking up a few things, and a bit of Pandora streaming with the screen off)
  • livebriand
    motheninjameh.... not even 1080p..... COME ON Already!You do realize this is a 7" screen, right? This isn't like the 800x480 screens that we had a few years ago there.
  • billybobser
    Still waiting for the first version in the UK...

    I would've liked to buy one initially, but this disregard would leave me not wanting one at all.
  • eddieroolz
    In other news, sun is setting and rising around the globe today. /s
  • lamorpa
    It's quite comical that people think that they can see the difference between 1280x800 and 1920x1080 in video. You couldn't even see a difference if it was 1024x768. It's video. The frames blur together as your eyes integrate. Color gamut can be seen. Resolution cannot. The human eye cannot perceive the difference, except maybe when the credits are being shown (who cares?).