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Kindle Copy of Dan Brown Book Outsells Print

Dan Brown's sequel to the Da Vinci Code hasn't been out very long, and it's already a top seller. However, according to the Telegraph, Amazon is shifting more electronic copies of the book (for the Kindle, of course) than it is hardback, print copies.

While the Telegraph cites price ($9.99 versus $16.17) and the fact that there's no waiting for delivery as the main reasons for the surge in demand for the ebook version, we'd like to know what you guys think. Does this say something about the kind of people who own Kindles/read Dan Brown books or is it actually something as innocuous as pricing? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • batkerson
    It's the "buzz" of a new book, a sequel to an extremely popular book. Everyone always wants to be "the first" to get something popular, and via Kindle is one way to be firs. Anyway, it DOES meaning that Kindle and e-Books in general are being accepted -- a big step, and a good one, IMO. -- Bill Atkerson
    P.S. -- I like Dan Brown's stories, but not his writing style, so I'm giving this a miss whether in print or Kindle-ized.
  • plattyaj
    I don't think they are comparing like with like. The print version has, according to the Amazon top ten, been in the top ten for 150 days. The Kindle version for two. So what you are seeing is that the Kindle version which was just available is outselling the current book version which has been on the list (if not shipped) for 150 days.

    What Amazon should do is show the total number of the print version compared to the total for Kindle.
  • kittle
    IMO its pricing And delivery time.

    No need to drive the book store, look around find the book, buy it and return home.
    or go online and wait for amazon to deliver it.
    Just download and then start reading.

    I wish i could do that with a lot of the older books you cant find in bookstores anymore.
  • chriskrum
    Yeah, the comparison is wonky.
  • hellwig
    "Does this say something about the kind of people who own Kindles/read Dan Brown books or is it actually something as innocuous as pricing?"

    I think it tells you something about the kind of people who buy books on Amazon, nothing else. I mean you can get Dan Brown's new book at Wal-mart for less than $15, but if you'd rather wait for it to ship (and possibly pay for that shipping), than stop off at the local Wally-World, that's your business.

    Personally, if I want it now, and own a kindle, I'll download it. Otherwise, I'll drive to any local store and buy it on my way home from work. No reason to wait for the UPS guy to decide to deliver my book.
  • notherdude
    Too soon to say what this means. Show me the figures a month from now and then we will talk. I've seen one kindle, maybe two, in the wild - needless to say I am skeptical. If Bezos would tell us how many Kindles he has sold that might help but that's a figure nobody knows but him. Why is he hiding it? This all sounds like some marketing sleight of hand to me.
  • Major7up
    If I had a kindle and wanted that book, I'd go with the digital one because of price. If prices for both were the same or closer, I'd want the physical copy.
  • erichlund
    What it means is simple. A high percentage of Amazon's book customers are Kindle owners. If you have a Kindle, it's because that's your choice of reading style, and so you will buy the book that way. So, it means that Amazon has pretty deep penetration selling the Kindle to its book reading customer base.

    There are other book stores, and their sales are not reflected in this count.
  • I bought it for my sony reader. Instant delivery. Discounted price. Why not?
  • Mr_Man
    Too bad there aren't going to be any more Harry Potter books. I wonder if another one of those released today would do the same, since it's hard to get a copy on day 1.