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5-year-old Allegedly Stabs Sister Over Nintendo DS

It seems gaming is fast becoming the focal point in domestic disputes and murders on a larger scale even if the medium has nothing to do with the situation.

Case in point: yesterday a report from French website Lepost surfaced that a 5-year-old French boy stabbed his 10-year-old sister Chucky style with a kitchen knife. Reported last Saturday night, the incident had nothing to do with cartoons, or cookies, or who gets to scoop up the dog poop steaming in the den. Rather, the child stabbed his sister following an argument over a Nintendo DS.

Apparently, the girl refused to lend/return the portable console to her 5-year-old brother, so in retaliation, the child headed into the kitchen, retrieved his weapon of choice, and firmly planted the knife in his sister's chest. Later, when questioned by the police, the boy claimed that he was inspired by a Power Rangers game that involved throwing knives. There was also mention of the boy's absent father and his history of domestic violence within the family unit. According to the report, the boy thought the knife was a toy, but understood that he had "done something evil."

Mom, who previously worked all night, slept silently in her room until the screams of her daughter jolted her awake. The girl was promptly taken to the local children's hospital by helicopter where she currently remains. Once the surgeons wheeled her into the operating room to repair the wound, they quickly discovered that unless the boy harnessed the strength of his inspiring Power Rangers, then there was no way the boy could have stabbed his sister.

Later the police arrested the children's mother, now the prime suspect in the stabbing of her daughter. At this point, it's speculated that the whole Nintendo DS incident was a lie, possibly generated by the mother once the daughter arrived that the hospital.

The mother is scheduled to face a judge this morning.