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Toyota, Honda, Nissan Close Factories Post Quake

Japan today experienced one of the most powerful earthquakes in its history. Though the extent of the damage is still not known, companies with factories based in the country are starting damage assessments and some have opted to shut down operations as a result of the destruction.

Bloomberg reports that  Sony, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Subaru (Fuji Heavy Industries) have stopped production in several of their factories after the 8.9 magnitude earthquake. Sony has stopped production and evacuated six of its facilities, Toyota has closed three, Honda has shut two, Nissan has closed four, and Fuji Heavy Industries, the maker of Subaru cars, has closed five factories.

Many other companies are still busy assessing the damage from the earthquake. Panasonic reports that several of its employees sustained minor injuries, while one man working for Honda was killed at the carmaker’s R&D facility when a wall fell on him. Two workers at Nissan suffered minor injuries. A Toyota spokesperson told Bloomberg that all workers were safe.

Google today launched a Person Finder to help people in Japan locate missing friends and relatives.

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