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The Coolest Hotel in the World, Literally

You've probably seen your fair share of igloos in photos and movies, but have you ever wondered what it might be like to spend the night in one? Well if you're planning on heading to some popular European ski resorts such as the Davos-Klosters or St Moritz resorts, you can stay in your very own igloo at the village of Iglu-Dorf.

With seven locations at European ski resorts located across Austria, Switzerland and the Principality of Andorra, you can spend your nights in a hotel made entirely out of ice. Each location offers a variety of fully functioning restaurants, ice bars and, of course, hot tubs. Don't expect to take any hot showers though, because the Iglu-Dorf is shower-less since the water freezes too quickly up there.

Since the Iglu-Dorf villages aren't exactly sustainable throughout the year, each village is rebuilt every winter season. The idea was originally conceived by snowboarder Adrian Gunter in 1995, who decided to built an igloo near the peak of a mountain in order to avoid having to wake up and climb his way to the top for some fresh powder. For more details on Iglu-Dorf, head on over to the webpage here.