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Honda Smart Home System Manages Your Energy

Beginning with the spring of 2012, Honda will begin testing of its E-Kizuna project, which is going to come with the construction and testing of the new Honda Smart Home systems. The city of Saitama will be the first to test Honda's residential energy management system that will utilize some of Honda's cutting edge energy production technologies such as its comprehensive solar power system and space-saving gas engine.

The Smart Home will be capable of providing both heat and electricity for the entire home which will in turn produce additional power for the use of electric transportation systems such as electric vehicles or scooters. In addition to providing sustainable and reliable energy, these homes will also reduce mobile and household CO2 emissions with the energy management system.

Still in its production phases, Honda intends to add additional features and amenities to the homes such as independent electricity production in the event of a natural disaster. If successful, these eco-friendly homes could play a huge part in reducing our carbon footprints while simultaneously assisting families with high utilities bills. With testing happening within the next year we can expect to hear much more as the project develops.