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Former UK PM Killed Steve Jobs' Knighthood?

Two years ago, Steve Jobs was apparently all set to join the likes of Steven Spielberg, Bob Hope and Spike Milligan. He was recommended for an honorary knighthood by a former lawmaker who thought the father of the iPod should be commended for his contribution to technology. However, when the recommendation reached Downing Street, it was quashed by none other than former Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

According to the London Telegraph, Brown put the brakes on the process because Steve Jobs refused to attend a major conference organised by the Labour party. At the time, confidence in the labor party and Gordon Brown was faltering and it is thought that an appearance from Jobs at the even in question could have bolstered public opinion.

Though the Telegraph sources the “unnamed former lawmaker” who made the recommendation in reporting the story, the newspaper also cites a spokesperson for Gordon Brown who insists he did not block a knighthood for Jobs.

Steve Jobs was today on hand to give his usual Stevenote speech at the unveiling of the iPad 2 in San Francisco.