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Google, Tivo Team Up to Track Ad Viewing Habits

The deal is being pegged as an "audience research agreement" by TiVo who says Google will license and integrate TiVo television viewing data into its measurement of audiences for advertisements sold through Google TV Ads platform.

Launched last year, Google TV Ads is a platform that makes it easy for advertisers to launch TV ad campaigns. The deal with TiVo will enable Google TV Ads to draw on anonymous, second-by-second viewing data from TiVo subscribers with stand-alone boxes. Google will be able to tell advertisers how many people actually watched an ad versus how many hit fast forward or changed the channel.

Google says the aim of the game is to gain "substantially enhance" the measurement and accountability of ad impressions for television pitches sold using the Google TV Ads auction-based system.

Financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

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