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Bored Hunters Are Shooting Down Google's Fibers

You're out hunting and you're not having much luck. No animals have happened past and you're getting extremely bored. What to do, what to do? How about using Google's fibers for target practice? According to IT News, network engineering manager for Google, Vijay Gill, last week told the AusNOG conference that people in Oregon were using the fiber insulators for target practice because they were bored. It's become such a problem that Google is moving its fibers underground.

"What people do for sport or because they're bored, they try to shoot at the insulators," IT News cites Gill as saying.

"I have yet to see them actually hit the insulator, but they regularly shoot down the fibre. Every November when hunting season starts invariably we know that the fibre will be shot down, so much so that we are now building an underground path [for it]."

The fibers are connected to Google's $US600 million data centre in the Dalles. Usually repair men are sent out by tractor or chopper to repair the damage. However, one incident that involved an avalanche and a snowstorm saw them send out repairmen on skis.

"These guys had to cross country ski for three days," Gill said.

*Photo Credit: AP/David Bohrer (via the Swamp)

Source: IT News via Gizmodo