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Google Launching EBook Store Before End of 2010

Google will launch its own ebook store before the year is out. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Google's Scott Dougall said that the much delayed store, originally expected to launch in the summer, will hit the U.S. before 2010 ticks over into 2011. An international version of the store is planned for Q1 2011.

The aim of Google Editions is to provide a more open "read anywhere" alternative that will allow users to purchase books from multiple online retailers—including independent bookstores—and add them to an online library tied to their Google account. Users can then access their Google library from a multitude of different devices.

The Wall Street Journal says Google is on a mission to reach all internet users, not just those with ereaders or tablets. The Journal says Google will even allow bloggers to suggest related content to readers via links to the store.

Though important details of Google Editions – such as revenue and which publishers have signed up to support the service – have yet to be confirmed, you can read more about Google's bookstore here.

Source: Wall Street Journal