Google Buzz Has Major Privacy Issues

Yesterday, Silicon Alley Insider stated that Google's new "Buzz" service, designed to tackle Twitter (and Facebook to a smaller extent) by incorporating a similar Tweet service into Gmail accounts, has a major privacy flaw. By default, people who follow you and those you follow are made public to anyone viewing your profile.

But as Computerworld points out, this only applies to Gmail accounts that have actually installed the Buzz "application." As both sites have stated, the Gmail account information is available until you option to hide the info through your profile setup.

Surprisingly, no one has mentioned that the mobile version actually provides your physical address by default... house number, zip code and all.

"When you post a buzz from your phone, your location is attached by default," reads Google's overview of location tagging. This means that if you're at home, buzzing from your living room couch and talking trash, locals can pinpoint your exact address and deliver a personal response.

Now that's scary.

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  • MJRSnyder
    Um woops...
  • NapoleonDK
    Don't be evil!

    *Laughs at nothing*
  • jp182
    as long as it can be changed; thats fine. I think its too early in Buzz's product life for the malicious types to get in there and do something illicit with that info.