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Google Announces Browser via Comic Book

Google has officially confirmed the launch of Chrome, the web browser it believes will constitute a fresh start for internet browsing by focusing on the needs of the expanding variety of web applications available today.

Google accidentally let the cat out of the bag about chrome with a 38-page comic drawn by illustrator Scott McCloud. The company confirmed this morning that the folks in the Google mail room hit "send" a bit early on the comic announcing the browser but went on to say that Chrome would be available for download in 100 countries come Tuesday.

Google’s comic book points out the obvious; the internet is older than broadband and so are browsers. When we first began surfing the web, the content available to us was completely different from the vast array of media and content we see on a day to day basis in 2008. It also details the need for a faster, more secure, more stable browser that recognizes users’ needs without looking like a complete circus.

Google promises Chrome will be cleaner and lighter browser. We’re all used to opening up 10 tabs, having one crash and as a result, losing everything we had going on in the other nine. This is something Google is attempting to tackle with Chrome’s ability to handle multiple processes at a time as opposed to the single-threaded browsers so many of us are used to.

While the ins and outs of how Chrome works make for an interesting read, what seems to be garnering the most attention is not the technology behind the browser, but Google’s foray into the browser business at all. In its blog, Google pushes the point of it being nice to have options and goes into detail about how, in the spirit of sharing, all the code is open source. However, a quick look at the blogosphere shows countless headlines denoting the launch of a new Microsoft/Mozilla competitor.

Google has been trying to bring an increasing amount of what we do offline, online for a while now. With the likes of Google Docs and Google Maps, people are using the search giant’s applications more and more. Every day people get more excited about the prospect of a Google OS. Then there’s the flip side that a significant amount people are criticizing Microsoft for trying to be too many things at once. Windows, Windows Live Search, Internet Explorer; they hate monolithic Microsoft, but monolithic, colourful Google is a great idea.

It’ll be interesting to see if Google’s promises about Chrome live up to our expectations. It’ll also be interesting to see if people are willing accept Google’s ever expanding online territories. Many could argue that Google Doc, Google Mail, Google Maps etc are all useful, functional applications that we can use from day to day without too many problems, meaning it’s actually being everything at once, rather than spreading itself too thin.

Chrome is available for download now.

  • I tried it for a while. It seems ok. After a short period it looks more than ok. I might prefer it over Mozzila or Opera. Still it a bit to soon to say.
  • cronic
    chrome is fast!
    honestly im running it in a virtual machine and it is noticeably faster over firefox and opera.

    really clean and slick interface, so far it looks very promising