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Google+ Apps Updated to Offer Mobile Users New Features

Google+ Vice President of Engineering Dave Besbris has unveiled a batch of new features offered to the social network's mobile users.

Android users in particular have received improved notices when friends and family share updates, accompanied by the ability to edit profiles from handsets. Android users now have access to the recently unveiled Google+ Communities, a feature allowing you to create either public or private groups based on interests.

Android users will also be able to upload images to the social network in full resolution. Google would previously crunch photos to fit within a given resolution. That said, Besbris noted that users are limited to 5 GB of free uploading space.

As for the iOS version, Google introduced the majority of the aforementioned features, including the integration of Google+ Communities. The new iOS version of the social network also "lets you swipe through photo albums inline; you can tap once to view photos in all their glory; and the iPhone app now applies a subtle pan-zoom-scale effect to pictures in the stream."

In both versions of the app, Google+ allows users to send messages to guests via the Events feature, or invite fellow users to the event via e-mail or IM. Another addition is support for Hangouts over a 150 KB or greater connection. Besbris said the latter's inclusion will enable the app's owners to easily connect with fellow social media users "in parts of the world with extremely low bandwidth."

Google had recently announced that its social network surpassed 135 million active members and a total of 500 million registered users.


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  • TunaSoda
    I have this useless app disabled...
  • tntom
    I use this app to upload my photos to the cloud and that is about it. Google+ has a really big problem with photo tagging and commenting though. If a I upload a group of photos and then add comment to each one it adds a separate post for each comment. This makes it look like I posted each picture individually. What is the purpose of the slide view then? It really trashes up what would have been a clean interface.