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Droid Vs. Droid 2, A Side-By-Side Comparison

Originally this news article was to include a video showing the comparison between the current Motorola Droid and its successor, the Droid 2, to be officially revealed on Wednesday. However this afternoon the video was marked as private, so now the only comparison we can see for the moment are the screenshots yanked from the video.

From afar, the Droid and Droid 2 look almost identical, the latter sporting slight visual differences such as a silver upper bezel that slopes down to cover the bottom of the phone, a silver mesh on the back covering the speaker, and the removal of the touchscreen buttons on the face. Other than those three obvious differences, both phones have the same physical size, shape, and apparently the same weight.

The differences are more apparent when the keyboard is pulled out however. For some reason, Motorola decided to remove the directional pad and insert arrow keys instead. Obviously this makes room for larger keys, however this setup could backfire for users who want to play games--the D-Pad was quirky but easy (not to mention perfect for a thumb) to use nonetheless.

As reported earlier, the Droid 2 uses a meatier processor, the 45nm 1 GHz TI OMAP3630--the original Motorola Droid has a 65nm 550 MHz IT OMAP3430 processor. Although both phones feature the same GPU, benchmarks showed that the Droid 2 doubled the amount of frames per second when compared to its predecessor. It's assumed that the faster clock speed and doubled RAM (512 MB versus the 256 MB seen in Droid 1) helped produce the higher rates.

Ultimately the side-by-side comparison determined that there wasn't enough factors to warrant an immediate upgrade. It's suggested that Motorola Droid owners should wait and see what will become of the 2 GHz version slated to hit the market by the end of the year.

Below we've posted the side-by-side comparison video, but it may or may not work again (as previously stated, it went private this afternoon for some reason). However, we've also posted a few screenshots from the video to provide some kind of visual reference. More can be found here (until those are yanked too).

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  • gmarsack
    First Post! Wahooo! I have nothing useful to add.. Well, okay.. I own the Moto DROID and love it.. okay, that's all I've got.
  • martin0642
    The Game - You Lost it.
  • irtehyar
    Removing the direction pad = lose. So much for that nifty little gamepad addon.
  • insider3
    Great, pretty soon we'll be overclocking phones and buying after-market hardware for them. Shrunken thermaltake heatsink anyone?
  • here is another copy of that video
  • I'm pissed there's no dpad anymore