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Rate Your CEO On is a new site that lets employees rate their employers and post information such as salaries. If you ever wanted to find out how much money could make as a software engineer at Google, this would be the place to go. You are also able to leave a review of your employer and provide the senior management with advice.

At least from what we have seen, the highest ratings in the IT industry have been given to Art Levinson from Genentech, Scott Thompson from Paypal, Reed Hastings from Netflix and Paul Sagan from Akamai, all of which have received a 100% approval rating so far.

Steve Jobs from Apple currently stands at 92%, Michael Dell at 65%, Steve Ballmer at 57%, Sam Palmisano (IBM) at 49%, Mark Hurd (HP) at 48%, Jonathan Schwartz (Sun) at 38% and Bill Watkins (Seagate) at 33%. Further down, you can find Steve Appleton from Micron with 22% and AMD’s Hector Ruiz with 14%.

There are several CEO with a 0% approval rating, including Lenovo’s Bill Amelio, Palm’s Ed Colligan and Quantum’s Rick Belluzzo, which some may remember as Microsoft president and chief executive officer of Silicon Graphics.