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Gesture Cube: 5 Sides Of 3D Gesturing Awesome

Engadget points the way to a device that's somewhat hard to describe. The Gesture Cube isn't really a full-fledged cube mounted on a thin stand. Instead, it comprises of five square screens that are mounted into an overall cube shape. Although it's not clear what's inside the device, each of the five faces can be used for a different task and also supports touch-free gesturing.

The company claims that the cube uses GestIC electric field sensing technology--makes 3D spatial hand or finger movement tracking possible. "GestIC detects movements and distances in 3D space and provides the technical backbone for Gesture Cube´s 3D user interface," the company said. "GestIC enables touch-free three-dimensional gesture control on 2D screens from mobile phones, tablet PCs, picture frames and MP3 players all the way to 3D devices like Gesture Cube."

A video supplied by developer IDENT Technology AG, seen below, better explains the cube's purpose. The device apparently has Internet access, allowing the kitchen chef to look up a recipe online. The device also appears to sport Bluetooth and an internal drive, allowing the user to grab photos off a smartphone via a wireless connection, and store them somewhere within the cube. The device is also capable of moving one "app" from one screen to another, or to maximize the app window to encompass all five screens.

The Gesture Cube will be on display at the Mobile World Congress 2010 show in Barcelona on February 15-18, 2010. There's no indication on pricing, or when the Gesture Cube will go commercial.