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Germans Stalk, Moon Google Street View Car

Now here's a bit of comedy for the day. However readers be warned: Google fanatics may take offense by the accompanying video--there are a few obscenities scattered throughout the clip.

While it's all somewhat comical, it's hard not to feel some sort of sympathy for the search giant (and the driver in this case), especially when it comes to company reception overseas.

This video shot in Berlin (uploaded to Vimeo by Evan Roth which I'm not posting here) shows the Google Street View car taking a trip down a busy Berlin street. With the camera mounted via a stationary pole on the roof, and Google's logo plastered on both sides, it's hard not to miss the Street View vehicle.

With that said, a group of young German men were following the car on the sidewalk to the right, yelling expletives that are probably not even heard by the driver. Unsatisfied with the result, the group progresses to give the driver the middle finger; other pedestrians are following suit with grins on their faces.

The show comes to an end with two of the young men dropping their pants and mooning the car-- the one on the left may actually be doing an additional task with an unseen body part.

According to The Huffington Post, the pranksters are from the Free Art and Technology group. Apparently they managed to hide a GPS in the Google car and have since been stalking and ambushing the driver.