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Facebook Mulling Redesign... Again

The last week has been a rough ride for Facebook users. Almost everyone hates the redesigned site the social network rolled out. There’s no shortage of groups and sites dedicated to how annoyed everyone is that Facebook chopped and changed the homepage and made certain things (like upcoming events) harder to find.

You guys aired your own grievances here and I’m sure a lot of you even took part in the poll that’s currently doing the rounds on Facebook. Until now Facebook seemed to be keeping one eye on things to see if users would relax a little once they got used to the changes. Sometimes people react badly to change because you’ve taken away what they know, which was likely the site’s thinking.

In a blog post today, Facebook finally addressed the elephant in the room. While the company didn’t quite come out and say, “We get that you hate it, and we’re changing it back,” Chris Cox, Facebook's Director of Product, did say that the company was keeping an open mind and looking at the biggest issues that people had with the new design.

“We know that no amount of testing is as valuable as what you have to say. For this reason, we will always look to you, our users, to tell us what is working and what isn't so we can continually make improvements,” Cox explained. “Here are the top four things we've been hearing from all of you about the changes, and the areas where we're focusing on improvements immediately and over the next several weeks.”

-Add more control and relevance in the stream

-See more Highlights

-Find things more easily

-Old vs. New

We’re not really sure how well that last one is going to go. Bar just changing some stuff back to the way it was, it’ll be difficult to sedate the people who genuinely miss the old Facebook.

As for us? We’re on the fence. Some people in office hate it and some (okay, me) sort of like it. At the end of the day, Facebook is Facebook and no one is going to leave because they didn’t notice that kid they knew in first grade wanted to be their friend until they got the friend request email.