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Facebook Confirms It's Working on Fix for Email Sync Bug

Facebook last week hit the headlines when it decided to make users' address their default email without any warning or notification. This morning it emerged that the social network's decision to mess with people's email settings was also messing with their address books, too. Users across the web have been complaining that that email addresses for their contacts are being replaced with Facebook addresses. Affecting early iPhone iOS 6 users, as well as some BlackBerry and Android users, Facebook has confirmed that this issue is the result of a syncing bug that the company is working to fix.

Speaking with the Verge via telephone, Andrew Bosworth, Director of Engineering at Facebook, explained that though the company intended to hide users' email addresses and only display their @facebook address on their timeline, the social network didn't intend for it to be the only address that got synced to users' phones.

"Contact synchronization on devices is performed through an API. For most devices, we've verified that the API is working correctly and pulling the primary email address associated with the users' Facebook account," Facebook explained. "However, for people on certain devices, a bug meant that the device was pulling the last email address added to the account rather than the primary email address, resulting in addresses being pulled. We are in the process of fixing this issue and it will be resolved soon. After that, those specific devices should pull the correct addresses."

Bosworth said that it would have the issue fixed tomorrow, or even sooner. Until then, remember to check your 'Other' folder in Facebook's Messages for any lost emails that might have accidentally been sent to the wrong email address.

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