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Solar Electric Boat Offers Eco-Friendly Cruising

Dubbed the Agua Moura, this eco friendly boat offers users a green way to cruise through the Santa Clara lake of Portugal. Designed by Victor Vicente, the Agua Moura runs on electric power gathered from the sun. The boat runs entirely on electricity, allowing eco-conscious passengers to be at ease and enjoy the wonders of the lake without having the worry about any harmful emissions.

Equipped with two electric engines powered by a solar panel clad roof, the boat is capable of cruising at a speed of 5 knots. It isn't exactly a huge cruise ship with its length of 12.40 meters, but the Agua Moura can comfortably accommodate twelve guests. Amenities include a spacious dining area, bathing platform, toilet facilities and all of the necessary safety measures you could ask for.

Built in 2008 by Ecobuilders, the Agua Moura is just one of many projects designed with environmentally friendly applications and results. It isn't the only solar powered boat out there, but the Agua Moura and similar boats could work wonders on reducing ocean pollutants. We're sure plenty of friendly sea creatures would love to have more Agua Moura-like ships to turn up around the world.