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Discovery and TLC: A Second Screen Experience for Your iPad

Having information on a second screen (such as a phone or tablet) while watching TV, is something with which we are all familiar. Some of you might even know about Discovery and TLC's second screen experience that is already available. The software allows you to view information about a show while watching it at the same time, allowing a deeper immersion into the program. Recently, the two companies released an updated version of the app that will make the old one look like the Flintstones' TV set. 

The new features allow for behind-the-scenes information, quizzes, games, and photos for many of the shows on the networks that can be  easily synced, along with the audio to either a broadcast or a DVR show. The app also allows you to browse the networks' schedule, as well as the times when the current show's new episodes or reruns are on, not to mention those fantastic premiers. Unfortunately, the new features are currently only for the iPad, with future plans to expand to the iPhone soon (sorry Android users). While the second screen might provide a distraction instead of an improvement to the show, the technology certainly has potential. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.