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Fortress of Solitude for Desk-Based Supermen

Sometimes, work can get so hectic and herculean you might feel that a certain spandex-and-cape-clad übermensch might be more up to the task. Just like that certain someone, you might want to take some respite from the daily grind. If only you had your own Fortress of Solitude. Well, if you have $500 lying around, now you can!

This DIY Fortress of Solitude is perfectly scaled down for the economic crunch; now, you no longer need to take that long commute to the Antarctic for your downtime between bad guy punch-ups. Scott Trosclair built this homage to his huge Man-of-Steel nerd-on with a few paper tubes, some LEDs for mood lighting, and a Jor-El mask thrown in for good measure.

So if you're the kind of guy who's just as big of a Superman nerd as Scott, or if your job requirements entail solar-powered super-strength and speed, then head on over to e-Bay and place your bid.

[source: Scott Trosclair via Technabob]