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This DIY Eco-Home Offers Sustainable Living

Developed by researchers at the University of Ghent, Belgium, the E-Cube is an innovative housing concept that hopes to answer the environmental and economic concerns of many. The developers call it "an affordable do-it-yourself kit for an ecological solar-powered house, prefabrication factory and without any special technical knowledge to install." So what does that mean exactly?

The E-Cube features a flexible structural system that comes with an initial starter unit which is built upon according to the users liking. While utilizing zero-emission human energy for its conception, the E-cube provides eco-friendly results before and after its production. Users will also save money by utilizing their own un-specialized manpower to create their ideal home. Although the thought of a DIY home may sound like a lot of hard, strenuous work, environmentally and economically conscientious concepts are a great step towards a greener future.