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Federal Ruling Court Force $100 Million Payment To Music Society

New York (NY) - A federal court ruling could mean big bucks for the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). Judge William Conner has ruled that major service providers like Yahoo, AOL and Real Networks could pay up to $100 million dollars to the non-profit music rights group. Conner outlined a formula where providers would be required to pay 2.5% of revenue to the 320,000 member ASCAP organization.

If you are bored - really really bored - you can read the 153-page ruling here.

Read more ... Associated Press via Google.

  • kutark
    You know, i am actually for this, only because the money is going towards the artists, who have been getting screwed left and right by the record companies ever since time dawned.

    Now please, dont group me in with the anti corporate guys. Im very pro corporate, pro capitalism, but i get annoyed by companies who are obviously making profits far in excess of what you could call reasonable, while the artists who are providing the means by which they make that money, are not fairly compensated.