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Man Forgets About 2-Year-Old While Buying 51-Inch TV

A consumer apparently forgot about a two-year-old child in his car while he was buying a discounted 51-inch TV during Black Friday.

According to police, 34-year-old Anthony Perry was excited about a 51-inch TV at his local K-Mart. So excited, in fact, that his girlfriend's 2-year-old was left in the car at 1.30 AM. He then somehow made it home, leaving the parked car containing the boy in the parking lot.

Mall plaza security reportedly noticed the boy asleep inside the car and notified the police, who then freed the child. Perry apparently told the police that he took the little boy with him into K-Mart but the child then managed to lose himself in the crowd. The authorities, however, said Perry never reported the boy missing.

Consequently, he may now be charged with reckless endangerment to a child. Another tale of Black Friday woe involves a man pulling a gun on a consumer who cut the line at a Sears in San Antonio, Texas.

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