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Chinese Tablet Maker Admits to Copying iPad

Earlier this week a Chinese manufacturer revealed that it was considering legal action against Apple because of the iPad. Shenzhen Great Loong Brother Industrial started selling it's own tablet, the P88, last year and claims that Apple's iPad bears a striking resemblance to its own product.

Shenzhen Industrial said it had not ruled out legal action against Cupertino-based Apple. iPadInsider cites a Spanish newspaper interview in which Xiaolong Wu, CEO of the Chinese manufacturer, was quoted saying, “We are considering legal action, but we cannot do much in the United States. But if Apple brings the iPad to China, we will be forced to denounce them, because it will certainly affect our sales."

However, it seems that though Wu might be right in suggesting the iPad would undercut his company's sales in China, the same cannot be said for his claims that the iPad is a "completely identical" copy of his product.

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iPadInsider reports that, last November, they actually caught Shenzhen Industrial calling the P88 an “Imitation Apple handwritten notebook.” The Chinese company is known for making knock off products. When asked about their reputation for cloning popular gadgets and releasing 'shanzai phones,' a spokesperson named Wu told PC World, "For this thing we are not shanzhai, because we were first."

Wu is right in saying his company was first because when it did, the Apple tablet was nothing but rumors. However, in Q4 2009 there was already a ton of speculation as to what the iPad might look like, and many assumed it would look like a bigger version of the iPod touch. Taking that into account, it's probably safe to say Wu and his company were influenced by the reports.