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Futuristic Cast Records Muscle Activity, Sims Recovery

Designed by Pedro Nakazato, the Bones orthopedic cast is an innovative concept that hopes to assist doctors and patients throughout the recovery process. The cast itself is designed to record data based on physical activity and exercise throughout the process. After recording relevant data, the system will then give an estimate as to the time it will take for the patient to fully recover.

Equipped with EMG sensors that record all muscle activity around a fractured area, Bones records and analyzes data before uploading it to a social media website where a community of doctors, physiotherapists and other members can keep track of and comment on a patient's progress. The website, along with the Bones cast will allow patients to better visualize the extent of their recovery.

In addition to helping patients better understand their recovery process, the Bones cast also hopes to reduce the overall period of recovery time. This is because the limbs of fracture bone patients often lose massive amounts of muscle strain due to inactivity. With the Bones system providing patients with constant updates and information, users will be encouraged to partake in beneficial physical activities that will stimulate recovery.