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New CK Billboards Are Only for Smartphone Users

The image below is a QR code, something you might recognize if you have a smartphone. There are tons of apps designed to read these barcodes available for iPhone and Android, and Asian adverts have been using these physical world hyperlinks to display text or pictures and direct passers-by to certain URLs for years. Now, Calvin Klein is bringing the trend stateside with these giant billboards in New York City and LA.

The bar codes can be scanned by smartphone users to reveal a 40 second video clip that features lots of shirtless men making out with women. If you don't have a smartphone, you can download the video by visiting this URL.

With smartphones more mainstream than ever, this is an excellent time for Calvin Klein to adopt this type of advertisement. In a place so filled with billboards, a lot of New Yorkers don't notice them anymore. Smartphone users who have QR reader applications probably won't be able to resist scanning the billboard to see what it displays.

*Image via Mashable.