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California Gets Heritage Status for Flag on Moon

The California state Historical Resources Commission applied to have objects left behind on the Tranquility Base placed on the California's registry of historic landmarks and resources. The list of more than 100 objects includes the bottom stage of the lunar lander and the American flag planted by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

It may seem unfair that California is claiming the Tranquility Base as a state historical resource but Jay Correia, a state historian who oversees the registry, told ABC news that California's recognition was sought because aerospace firms and institutions based there led the way in "researching, developing and manufacturing the machinery that got men to the moon."

The Historical Resources Commission says other states who played a significant role in getting men to the moon (New Mexico, Texas, Alabama and Florida) will follow in California's foot steps. The group hopes that eventually, this will all lead to designating Tranquility Base as a United Nations World Heritage Site.

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