Over 100 Startups Interested in Visa-free Tech Ship

Blueseed last year proposed a floating startup community that would be anchored half an hour (12 miles) from Silicon Valley. The ship would stay in international waters outside the jurisdiction of the United States and would be visa-free, meaning you wouldn't need any kind of special work permit or visa to live and work there.


Today it has emerged that quite a few startups are interested in working aboard Blueseed. According to a new report released by Blueseed, there are more than 130 companies interested in taking up residence on the ship. More than 20 percent of these interested parties originate from the U.S., while the second biggest chunk of interest comes from India at more than 10 percent.

Though the idea behind Blueseed is to allow entrepreneurs and startups to set up camp near Silicon Valley without the difficulties of trying to obtain a U.S. visa, that isn't the main reason for interest according to the survey's respondents. Apparently, the majority (nearly 53 percent) listed "Living and working in an awesome startup- and technology-oriented space" as a factor of critical importance when considering a move to Blueseed. Second most important was the proximity to Silicon Valley investors (more than 36 percent), while third was the coolness factor of the whole thing. In fact, an alternative to getting U.S. visas came in at second to last on the list of important factors (24.6 percent).

Blueseed plans to launch the Blueseed startup incubator next year, but interested companies are ready to move in right away. More than 36 percent of the survey respondents said they'd move in immediately if the ship was ready. An overwhelming 67 percent of respondents would be ready to move in six months or less.

Despite all this interest, entrepreneurs and startups will have to wait until late 2013 before they can get inboard the Blueseed. The ship isn't scheduled to launch until Q3 2013. When it does, it will cost $1600 per person to live and work on board.

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