Blekko Attempts to Change The Way You Search Again

Search technology innovator Blekko claims that it has revolutionized the search experience again by breaking down search results into categories that offer links to curated results from verified sources of content. This means users won’t be forced to sift through a long list of "blue links" to find what's relevant to the search query.

"Over the past several months, Blekko has evolved their curated list of slashtags into categories in order to better serve a user base that has grown to about 12.5 million, with more than 5 million searches a day," the company said on Wednesday. "The new Blekko site now features a responsive design, colorful visual cues, and a more image-rich layout."

OK, so let's see what the big deal is. After typing "Xbox One" into the search field, the following results page pulls up a layout far from what you'd see on Google: a "categories" section on the right, the main results window in the center featuring categorized boxes, and a section for related images and searches on the right. There are eleven links listed on the center stage, one of which is filed within the "news" box, five filed within the "top results" box, and five filed under "video games."

After performing a search for Tom's Hardware, the resulting page produces three boxes: "top results," "tech" and "latest." All three boxes initially show only two results each, but they can be expanded to show five results. The cool part about this layout is that users can click the left and right arrows in each expanded results box, allowing them to view even more links. Thus, users can sift through five additional search results with each click of the arrow as if turning the page of an eBook filled with links.

"Currently, search engine algorithms literally guess at the users’ interest or intention in a search term," the company said. "Then they present results based on a complicated formula of links and traffic to pages, rather than the quality of the content. This gives an advantage to content creators who know how to game the algorithms."

To see how Blekko brings you different search results than Bing and Google, check it out here.

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  • xero141
    goes to blekko and types "boobs" first link is boobstagram, next is horror boobs.. i guess it works..
  • das_stig
    Blekko not IE7 compatible, script errors and display layout issues :(
  • The_Trutherizer
    I checked it out. It's a neat idea.