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America Spends $595M Online on Black Friday

ComScore has the numbers for this past Black Friday and while overall spending for the month of November saw a marginal increase compared to the same period last year, Black Friday spending increased significantly, up eleven percent from last year.

According to ComScore, American consumers managed to jack the annual Black Friday spendfest up to $595 million, an eleven percent increase on last year's Black Friday spending, which amounted to $534 million.

"The $595 million in online spending this Black Friday represents the second heaviest online spending day of the season-to-date and a double-digit increase from last year," said ComScore Chairman Gian Fulgoni.

Fulgoni goes on to suggest that while it's possible the acceleration in spending is down to retailers leveraging the likes of Facebook and Twitter, it could also mean that online spending for Cyber Monday could be even better than etailers anticipated.

ComScore also reviewed Black Friday deal sites where bargain-hunting shoppers like to research their Black Friday purchases. A study of several sites over the five days preceding Black Friday showed that while some deal sites saw a decline in traffic by up to -17 percent, some sites saw an increase of up to 113 percent.

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