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The Ultimate Tourist Bike Tour System

Hoping to improve the tourism experience for many, designers Kukil Han, Daehyun Kim, Bojoong Kim and Jihwan Yun have created a creative new tourist transportation system. Many tourists may find that guided tours and bus tours only provide access to a limited number of popular spots, making them miss out on other places they might've hoped to see.

With the Seoul Bike Tour System, tourists will be able to see more places with the freedom of their very own tour bicycle. The system is comprised of a single large electric bus-like vehicle that includes multiple detachable bicycles. This gives tours the freedom of two different modes of transportation, opening the doors to many different local and remote tourist destinations. The bicycles and bus are also equipped with interactive screens that provide additional information for the tour.

Users will first approach one of the system's interactive kiosks to sign up for a bike tour. Once the bus takes the user to the intended destination, the bicycle will then detach, allowing the user to explore the spot on their own or with a group. Once the tour is ready to move to the next area, the screen on the bicycle will notify the user. It's just a concept for now but the Seoul Bike Tour System is a great way for tourists to get up close with their tourist destinations, making their tours a unique and personal experience.