BMW Electric Scooter Concept Is Stunning

On exhibition at the Frankfurt International Motor Show is BMW's incredible electric maxi scooter concept dubbed the Motorrad E. Designed to provide motorcycle-like performance with the automaker's 2-cylinder combustion engine, the company now looks to add a completely electric model to its line of Motorrad scooters.

Featuring a slick, sporty look, the Motorrad E is a stunning concept that combines the best of current technology and futuristic design. The vehicle boasts a twin-tipped front spoiler, low cut windshield, foreshortened rear and is even equipped with light allow wheels that are similar in design to the BMW i electric car concepts.

Another interesting design feature is the lack of traditional side mirrors. The Motorrad E has replaced these conventional mirrors with two rear video cameras that feed directly into two different LCD monitors in the cockpit. In addition to the two LCDs used for the cameras, the cockpit is equipped with a central display that details all of the drivers necessary information such as gas usage, mileage, and speed.

The Motorrad E will charge via any standard household power socket and is capable of reaching a full charge in under three hours. A full charge will be able to provide a driving range of 100 kilometers, or 62 miles. It certainly won't make long trips with those numbers, but should definitely be sufficient for urban transportation. To check out more renders, head on over to designboom's article here.