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Apple Patents Smart iPhone Remote for Your Car

With the latest line of patents from Apple, it appears as if they are going mobile... well, actually, automobile. To help you understand what the patents could mean for future Apple users, consider the following scenario:

On your way to the computer store to buy the latest tech you saw reviewed on Tom's Hardware, you leave your car in an immensely packed parking garage. On your return, naturally distracted by your brilliant purchase, you forgot where you parked your car. So you whip out your iPhone, which immediately connects to the parking garage's wireless system and pinpoints your car. While approaching, the phone's Bluetooth links up to the car and confirms the identity of the phone and the car. You look for your key, only to realize that you left it in plain sight sitting on your seat... but no problem as you use your iPhone to unlock your car. Once in the driver's seat, you notice that someone has changed your seating position. Instead of trying to get comfortable again, you recall your profile from your iPhone, which then moves the driver's seat and the mirrors to the optimum position for you. Lastly, you use your iPhone to start your car, while also turning on the radio to your favorite station, opening the sunroof, and setting your inbuilt GPS for home.

While all of this sounds lovely, it could still be some time before Apple or any other manufacturer achieves all of this. It is already possible to connect your phone with your car with packages such as Connect2Car, or even using manufacturer's apps, but a level of integration as hinted by Apple's patents would require an enormous amount of corporate cooperation and across-the-board compatibility. Do you think that companies could work together to get something like this idea to work, and would you make extensive use of such features?