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Perform Background Check with iPhone App

Yesterday the PeopleFinders Network announced that it had launched two iPhone applications that can provide background checks on potential dates. Called Stud or Dud and Are they Really Single, the applications provide quick, easy-to-review reports from the PeopleFinders' "extensive" database derived from public records and publicly available information. Information provided by the apps include age, marriage and divorce records, criminal history, and more.

"Stud Or Dud and Are They Really Single provide a new line of defense for people to protect themselves against those who misrepresent who they are, or who they aren't," said Bryce Lane, president and COO of PeopleFinders. "In the time it takes to order a beverage, people can easily run a comprehensive background check on their iPhone using our new apps. It's a quick and easy way to weed out any white lies or half truths that sometimes pop up in conversation when you first meet someone."

According to the company, the Stud or Dud application focuses on the financial aspect, pulling up records pertaining to business records, real estate ownership, bankruptcies, evictions, and more. The Are They Really Single application focuses on the marital aspect of the potential date, pulling up records in regards to marriage, divorce, domestic problems, and more.

Both apps are currently for sale on Apple's App Store, costing $0.99 each. Both allow users to order an unlimited number of reports. However, consumers wanting to purchase the reports via a PC will be forced to shell out $9.95 for a single copy, or an annual membership of $24.95 to receive unlimited reports. Either way, these apps sound as if they're infringing on the Privacy Act line in a very bad way.

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