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Rumor: New iPad to Have 4G LTE; Called iPad HD, Not iPad 3

Tomorrow, Apple will finally put an end to all the iPad 3 rumors. However, until then, the rumor mill just keeps chugging along. The latest scuttlebutt says that March 7 won't actually bring us news of an iPad 3. Instead, Apple CEO Tim Cook will unveil an iPad HD. That's right, Apple is apparently going to break away from its numerical naming scheme and instead intends to highlight the retina display on this iteration of the iPad.

At least, that's what the folks over at CNet think. The site says it spoke to a developer who has "previously provided reliable information with respect to all things Apple and otherwise" and this person says the new iPad will be named the iPad HD. If true, this should put an end to the 'iPad 3 or iPad 2S?' questions that have been floating around the last few months. Based on the rumored specs, it's possible this new iPad won't be a full upgrade over last year's model and will instead be a minor 'in between' upgrade, similar to the leap between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. If this is the case, choosing the name iPad HD over iPad 2S is probably a wise move -- it makes the fact that this isn't a major upgrade less obvious to the average consumer.

In other iPad 3 news (because lately there just hasn't been enough), iMore, the site that first reported the March 7 launch date, has said that the iPad 3/HD/2S will be a 4G LTE device. This information is all they've got on the subject, and it's not exactly a new rumor, but the site says it came from the same source that gave them the March 7 event info so take from that what you will.

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