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New Apple TV Now Goes to 1080p, Coming March 16

The main attraction at Apple's iPad event today was, of course, the newest iPad. Apple spent a huge amount of time talking about the ins and outs of the new tablet, but before it even got to unveiling it, the company talked about something else entirely: Apple TV.

Though the Apple TV rumors were kind of drowned out by talk of the new iPad, the last few months have seen quite a bit of speculation about a new Apple TV. Apple TV talk reached a high when it was recently discovered that the product was out of stock at many major retailers. Today, Apple put the rumors of a new Apple TV to bed with the announcement of a new 1080p model of the device.

"People are going to love streaming movies and TV shows in 1080p with the new Apple TV, and photos look beautiful displayed at the maximum resolution of your TV," said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. "Apple TV is easier than ever to use with its new icon-based interface and the ability to access your purchased movies, TV shows and music right from iCloud."

Not a lot has changed with Apple TV bar the upgraded resolution, but the UI is looking decidedly more iOS. iCloud allows you to purchase movies and TV shows on Apple TV and then watch on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC. Additionally, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users can use AirPlay to stream music, photos and videos from their devices directly to their TV.

Similar to the iPad, the new Apple TV will be available to buy March 16 and is up for pre-order today. Pricing is set at the same old $99.

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