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Is Apple Closer to Launching 'iRadio' Streaming Service?

While we talk about the possibility of the iPhone 6, a new iPad mini, an iWatch, an Apple-branded TV and more, talk of a new piece of software from Aplpe is gaining traction.

According to the Verge's sources, Apple is well on its way to setting up its own radio streaming service to rival the likes of Spotify and Pandora. This isnt the first time we've heard talk of such a project from Apple but the Verge quotes one source as saying there's no doubt that 'iRadio is coming.' Another said Apple has made 'significant progress' in its talks with Universal and Warner. Cooperation from major labels is a must if Apple is going to get a music streaming service off the ground.

Reports suggest Apple may launch this iRadio service before the year is out. The service, if real, would complement Apple's iTunes, which sells songs, movies, and TV episodes, quite well. Not only that, but Apple would likely work iRadio integration into iOS, meaning users of iPods, iPhones, and iPads could possibly access songs on demand without having to first purchase and download them to their computer.

No word on pricing or plans, but we'll keep you posted on any interesting developments.

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