Apple/Psystar to have Confidentiality Agreement

Last July, Apple brought a lawsuit against Psystar for violating its End User License Agreement and distributing Apple software on non-Apple hardware. Despite being locked in legal turmoil for the foreseeable future, both companies have agreed to keep trade secrets within courtroom documents and away from prying eyes.

According to Ars Technica, the two companies have come together in an 18 page document, which outlines how Apple and Psystar can approach and review software, code within software, and a myriad of other sensitive information. When it comes to "confidential" information, lawyers are fair game, but only two non-legal employees can be privy to the information in question. As for things marked "Attorney's Eyes Only", only the official council for each company can view the documents.

Reviewing code is an even bigger security concern. When code is reviewed during the case, it can only be done on a computer that has no connection to the Internet. Also, if code ever has to be printed out, all such documents must immediately be classified "confidential."

The rest of the agreement seems straightforward. Any confidential information given from one company to the other must be returned at the end of the trial, and all copies must be destroyed. Also, if any documents that need to be made public contain confidential information, such info needs to be redacted.

While the agreement should make the trial move along more smoothly, we shouldn't expect any sort of verdict anytime soon. The trial itself will not be starting until November, and these sorts of things tend to drag out unless a financial settlement is reached. In the end, it would be nice to see Apple software licensed to vendors again. The practice stopped when Steve Jobs came back to Apple in 1997, but seeing OS X Snow Leopard on non-Apple hardware could be very interesting while opening up some market share for the operating system. Isn't it time for Apple to "Think Different(ly)"?

Would you run OS X on your PC if Apple made OS X available to all platforms and not just Macs?

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  • captaincharisma
    nah i tried a PC version of osx via the osx86 project and did not like it. tried many versions of Linux as well and nothing has been able to let me think of ditching windows
  • waikano
    Yes I would. In fact I am seriously considering the Dell Mini 9 or the Lenovo S10 for that very act whether Apple Likes it or not. Don't get me wrong I like Apple and Mac Hardware, but currently Apple doesn't have anything that I really want, although I am curious if they are going to be doing any refreshes in March...cough. Mini....Cough Power Mac.
  • Tindytim
    Would you run OS X on your PC if Apple made OS X available to all platforms and not just Macs?

    Nope. The instance they released it for other machines, it would no longer have any of the benefits normally afforded to Steve Jobbs anal control of the hardware. We'd see driver issues, even more stability problems, and general slow down.