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Apple Peel Turns iPod into iPhone, Arriving Soon

Consumers who have previously purchased the iPod Touch but can't afford an additional iPhone will now be able to make calls thanks to the upcoming release of the Apple Peel 520.

Originally announced earlier this month, the Apple Peel 520 was developed by Yosion and distributed to Chinese retailers beginning last week. The new peripheral--designed like a protective case--was also reportedly heading to the States complete with a dock connector, a battery and a SIM card. However no firm release date was provided.

But now there may be signs that the peripheral is coming soon. On Tuesday GoSolarUSA, the North American distributor, said that the first demonstration models of the Apple Peel 520 devices are expected to arrive in the States sometime this week.

"We're obviously very confident that consumer demand is high for the Apple Peel 520, and we're looking forward to getting our hands on the first batch," said GSLO President and CEO Tyson Rohde. "As soon as they arrive, we'll begin distributing demonstration models to retail buyers across the country. The amount of interest in this product that we've received from distributors has been staggering."

According to the company, the Apple Peel device provides five hours of talk time and 120 hours of standby use on its battery. After installing the required software, two apps appear on the iPod Touch home screen: Yosion and YsSMS, providing voice and text support respectively. When the communication module is switched on, a signal bar and a battery icon will appear in the middle of the iPod Touch's status bar. To make a call, users simply tap the Yosion app icon which loads the numpad screen.

Currently GoSolarUSA hasn't provided pricing, however the peripheral sells in China for 520 Yuan ($77 USD). The company is looking to sell the peripheral in Radio Shack, Best Buy, Walmart, and Fry's Electronics.

GoSolarUSA also said that it is currently working on a version that works with Apple's latest fourth-generation iPod Touch model.

  • MasterM40
    sounds healthy
  • plznote
    Then whats the point of an Iphone??
  • zorky9
    (suspense)... waiting for Job's reply....
  • samdsox
    this just in ipad now has call abilities....

    so what do you do just stick it up to your ear??? talk on a tablet lol.

    should be called is h i t
  • surfer1337dude
    anyone else notice that it says nothing about what carrier you will need to use? ;)
  • dhlee528
    it's probably unlocked..

    so you can put any sim card in and use it
  • loomis86
    I'd say it uses VOIP and won't work without internet connection.
  • bunga28
    he's going to sue them and then he's going to sue Orange (the French Phone company) for having a fruit name like Apple. And then he's going to sue Apple music company that is owned by sir Paul McCartney for infringing the Apple name.
  • climber
    I have a feeling this will be a wi-fi phone, since there's no HSPA/GSM chip, yes I suppose the attachment might have the chip but to avoid issues with Apple tapping on the shoulder of the wireless providers, you have to wonder!
  • orionantares
    Well unless they received license to use Apple's 1990's esque 30-pin connector, they're probably going to get sued.